MicroCoin Wallet with SMS and phone call

The SMS-based and phone-controlled MicroCoin wallet is in the testing phase. The wallet’s operation is very simple, we just need a phone to use it. The is a possibility to create an account, sending MicroCoins or inquiry our balance with an SMS or a phone call.

The number (with a base fee) for sending SMS is +36 70 7177 899, you can send the commands here. The commands are the following:

Command Description
START Request a new account. In the answer you will receive your new account’s number, if don’t already have an account; if you have one, you will receive your existing account’s number.
BALANCE Inquiry your balance.
SEND amount account Sending MicroCoins. Sending a specified amount to an account. For example, with the SEND 3 0-10 command you will transfer 3 coins to the 0-10 account from your account.
PK Asking your private key.
HELP Requesting the available commands.

The phone wallet is available in English language only. For use it, you need to call the (base fee) +36 1 323 77 27 phone number and you can move between the available options with the number buttons. You will hear the available options through the phone.

You can use these phone numbers with a base fee, you need to pay the fees specified by your phone service provider.

Terms and privacy policy

This is not a business service, but an experimental test project. It can be cancelled anytime and system errors or any types of anomalies may be occur. Use this only on your own risk. We will not take the responsibility for the losses for using the project’s functions!

The system is not storing personal data in a recognizable way, but we need to connect the phone number to the account number, so we storing the phone number with irreversible (hashed) method. Nobody can tell what phone number can be connected to a specified account and nobody can tell what phone numbers are registered in the system, but they can see what account is registered to a phone number. We storing a phone number in this way: 513712ac7e173a1fbed6b207b9e81b54f2fc570b160d08c82298a962f27c1700. It’s an sha256 hash what makes the phone number’s decryption impossible. Besides the encrypted account and key, we are not storing anything else data in the system. We are not giving these datas to nobody and we are not using them to other purposes. We are accepting the SMS messages through the Twilio’s system; for the details please visit their website and read the terms of use (with using their system you will accept it)!