Talk with your MicroCoin Wallet through the Messenger

Thanks to the MicroCoin bot, there’s a possibility to handle our accounts through the Messenger and Discord.

If you would like to try it, you only need to open the MicroCoin Wallet bot in the Messenger, or join our Discord server and white there to the bot.

At the first time when you meet the robot, you need to read and accept the terms of use. After this, you can use the robot.

Terms and privacy policy

This is not a business service, but an experimental test project. It can be cancelled anytime and system errors or any types of anomalies may be occur. Use this only on your own risk. We will not take the responsibility for the losses for using the project’s functions!

The system is not storing personal data in a recognizable way, but we need to connect the user to the account number, so we storing the user ID with irreversible (hashed) method. Nobody can tell what user can be connected to a specified account and nobody can tell what types of users are registered in the system, but they can see what account is registered to a specified user.