The “Worth 1 MicroCoin”-button is available

Now you can use MicroCoin very simply on websites to reward your favorite bloggers or earn rewards from your readers. We have created the “Worth 1 MicroCoin” button. This can be used freely and easily by anyone, and can be integrated into a website within minutes.


If you are blogging or have a website and you want users to be rewarded then all you have to do is insert this one line into your content:

<iframe src='' style='width:300px;height:30px;border:none'></iframe>

Of course, you need to replace 1-22 with your own account number. If you do not have an account yet, obtain one here. You are done, you don’t need other things to do. A “Worth 1 MicroCoin” button will appear on the page.


If you want to reward the creator as a reader, you have to press the button. There are two cases:

1. You have never used this button. At this point (and of course after that sometimes), you will be asked to log in.
If you log in with Facebook and have an existing Messenger Bot account, it will be assigned to you, if not, you will get a new account. This account is linked to the Messenger, so you can manage it there with the bot.

Registering with a username and password will give you a new account. In this case, it is very important that you remember your login information as there is no reminder; we do not store any data in a decryptable form, not even your email address.
(In the future it will be possible to link the phone account, then you will login with SMS code, but I have not had time to make this yet.)

2. In another case, you may have used the system before, logged in, and have an account. Then, after pressing the button, it won’t ask for anything anymore, just transfer 1 MCC from your account to the author’s account. If you do not have enough MCCs in your account then the the system will inform you that you do not have enough coin.

To sum it up: The “Worth 1 MicroCoin” Button is actually the MicroCoin equivalent of Facebook’s “Like” button, only here you do not give the author a Like, but you send 1 MicroCoin to the author.

There is only one question left: Where can you get your MicroCoin to reward a creator? You can get some on Discord with our robot or you can start mining. 🙂