We are two years old now! At least, the MicroCoin. 🙂 MicroCoin has started on December 22, 2017 and a lot of things has happened in the last two years. More than 200.000 block has been created in the blockchain and more than 650.000 transactions has been completed. Since the beginning, lots of things changed, improved and increased.

The most important is the community. In two years, we got more than 500 members on the MicroCoin chat server and 15 members are joined who helps the project with serious work, documentation or helps it in other ways. Shortly after the launch, there was a demand for a mining pool, that was the first development what the community itself had solved at the initiative of the community. Over time, the MicroCoin community has became more than a group of people around a cryptocurrency. Especially between the old members, virtual friendships were created, and not only with MicroCoin, but in every area of life, we can count on each other’s advice and expertise. We talk, laugh and think a lot and sometimes get annoyed together. That’s the real benefit of MicroCoin, and that’s why it really makes sense to bring many great and like-minded people together in a “place”.

Over the course of time, the project itself has evolved and many interesting things have been tried. In the middle of the last year, from the community’s idea a MicroCoin candy dispenser has been created, which is actually an prototype of a candy wending machine. Although it looks like a simple project, and the practical implementation at first glance does not have much practical benefit, however, when you think about it, the various machines operate on this principle. In addition, Tamás has created an automated machine that can do something as a result of a MicroCoin transaction. This was our first attempt at the IoT’s way, and in the future there are plans for similar or deeper implementations that will take place over time.

The .NET based implementation of MicroCoin was born in 2018 and was not used for the desktop wallet, but for the MicroCoin Rider project and web server side solutions. MicroCoin Rider provides an easy-to-use, standard service that allows programmers (or even Excel) to query data and initiate transactions.

By November of 2018, the source code has undergone a major overhaul, and has been able to refine and restructure much of the code, allowing for improvements over the next period and a new, purer, nicer, easier-to-use look.

Also in November of the last year, the “Worth a MicroCoin”-button for websites and blogs debuted. This button is a tool similar to the Facebook Like button and it’s very easy to embed in websites. The main difference beetween them is that you can press the button to support your blog with one MicroCoin.

During this period, SMS and telephone call (telebank) systems were launched. With the help of these, we were able to open an account, transfer an account or receive a balance on phone or SMS. The service was experimental, it was working, but after a few months, it was disabled due to high maintenance costs.

Then the Facebook Messenger chat robot arrived. With our chat bot, you can open an account in Facebook Messenger, transfer amounts or check your balance.

Earlier this year, the MicroCoin wiki was launched where the users can find useful informations about usage and development. The wiki is largely edited by the community and a few members are dedicated to providing more and more useful information in both Hungarian and English.

In early 2019, we launched our brand new Android application. The app is a full-fledged wallet that stores private keys on the device itself using the phone’s security chip, so you don’t have to give out your keys. It can handle multiple accounts and supports biometric identification (fingerprint identification). The iOS app is ready too, but a community like us can’t meet the conditions set by the iOS app store, so now only the Android version is available.

In the second quarter of 2019, a new web block explorer was completed. The old version, although usable, was not aesthetically pleasing and difficult to handle. The new one is nicer, easier to manage and gives us a lot more information, even we can see the current state of the network on a map (as seen by the current node). During this period, several developments mentioned on Discord were completed. The previously existing Discord chatrobot-based wallet comes with RewardBot, which rewarding members with MicroCoin for their activity.

In the middle of the year, we started a loose, unbound partnership with kriptoworld.hu. As part of this, we have jointly upgraded the existing MicroCoin reward system, which was introduced on kriptoworld.hu, and Kryptoworld also uses the “Worth a MicroCoin” button. We try to help each other in many ways so that the two projects can develop dynamically.

Finally, at the end of the year, we introduced the world to the Clog, the MicroCoin Crypto Blog, a special blockchain blog. Anyone can write and read a blog, even from the blockchain. Currently, the basic prototype is working, and in the future, we want to further develop and enable structured, decentralized storage and querying of blog content, other than text content, in the blockchain, and create an encrypted, also decentralized, email-like mail system. With this platform, “Worth a MicroCoin” button and MicroCoin-based loyalty system we can create complete decentralized web-based services.

In addition to the above, we have had several smaller attempts over the past two years. We tried MicroCoin-based chat, created a web wallet, launched an Ethereum-based funny token that halves itself with every transaction, made a block explorer for another cryptocurrency that was independent of us, created a robot to process contents and interact with them, we made a Bitcoin lottery program, wrote a user manual, one of our members started translating Bitcoin white paper into Hungarian, or we were trying to predict the Bitcoin exchange rate by machine learning (according to the machine, it will be $ 1000 in January 2020 😀 ).

It is difficult to remember and list it what have we done, because something interesting is always happening here and a working thing can be born from an interesting, or even a meaningless but funny idea. This is how our last two years have passed and hopefully the next two will be in a similarly good mood and with many successes. What the future brings and what we will develop is hard to say in advance, we always do things that are interesting, exciting, or somehow entertaining. We have plans, mini projects that are in progress. Sometimes such an idea can be successful and it can be useful to others, sometimes it is only interesting only to us and there is a reason that we reject or discard an idea for some reason. Therefore, we do not have a traditional roadmap and we do not want any pressure on us, the point is that we are working together, having fun together.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!