MicroCoin Rider

MicroCoin Rider is an API (Application Programming Interface) what makes us possible to integrate MicroCoin into our own applications and we can enjoy the blockchains’ advantages. For these, we are not required to know the cryptocurrencies internal operation knowledges, we just need to have minimal programming skills.

With the Rider API, we can do most of the operations what we can do with the coin. We can handle the accounts, ask informations and start transacions too. We can do all of these operations while we don’t need to hand over the private keys to the API.

We published client directories for some programming languages (JavaScript, PHP, Java, C#), but naturally anyone can generate these with Swagger, so we can work with the client-side codes on more than 27 programming languages. If we can’t generate or don’t want to generate codes, than we can operate with REST API calls without any problems.

It can prove the Rider’s performance that the Rider can serve the web wallet and the SMS-, phone-, and Messenger Bot-wallets. Thanks to the Rider, we can develop applications without the restrictions of the platforms. We are included the documentation with lots of examples (English only).