MicroCoin Things

Within the MicroCoin Things project, we are researching the possibilities of MicroCoin’s usage on IoT (embedded) decives. Our goal is to take advantage on the p2p networks, smart devices and blockchains and create a more comforable and smarter environment. From time to time, we would like to contribute to the evolution of the smart homes and smart cities. Using the MicroCoin is possible with very few of stored datas, minimal amount of data transfer and we don’t need serious computing performance to connect devices to the network. Even a smaller WiFi-module can use the MicroCoin and the blockchain actively.

Our first IoT-attempt was a candy dispenser, what is mady by Tamás Vegera. 🙂 It seems to be a simple project and for a first look it don’t have too much practical benefits, but if we think it over, the different types of vending machines based on this principle. Tamás created a „vending machine” what can do an activity to the effect of MicroCoin. There’s an example video for this activity.

We are working now on a project what will make it possible to run MicroCoin on Tensilica L106 chips. The chip’s dimensionals can measured in microns, their core’s width is 30 micron and their depth is 60 micron, so it reserving a 1800 square-micron space. One micron is one thousandth of one millimeter, so we can say it consuming a very little space. These chips are 32bit RISC-processors what in most of the situations including the WiFi-module, so the network communication is ensured. Here is a picture of the prefabricated device.

ESP-02 WIFI module

We can see this device magnified on this picture, but it’s only a little bit bigger than our thumbnail.