MicroCoin is an experimental research project what helps us discovering the possibilities in the blockchains. On the other hands, MicroCoin is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency what supports almost cost-free and immediate coin sending around the world.

MicroCoin is based on the PascalCoin project.

MicroCoin can produce outstanding speed, one transaction can process within 1-3 seconds. Thanks to the immediate and irrevocable transactions, we can use MicroCoin in the real marketing consumption, microtransactions and transactions between persons.

We can easily develop applications with MicroCoin, for example, online paying, accounting or invoice systems. We can name the accounts, describe their types and give the accounts to another person. So, we can transfer not only coin amounts, but we can transfer accounts too.

MicroCoin can afford many usage possibilities. For example, we developed payment solutions on the web, mobile, short message systems (SMS), phone and chatbots.

We have premade and easily integrable modules made by us and you can build these modules into your blog or website, even without programming knowledges. With the interfaces (API) we can develop our own applications, even without the knowledges of a cryptocurrency’s internal operation know-how.

We are expanding the possibilities. In the future, we are concentrating on the IoT-solutions. We hope, after a time MicroCoin will be the smart homes’ cryptocurrency.