Our partners

The companies, associations, and individuals listed below support or accept MicroCoin in some ways as a support or means of payment. If you think this is your place, let us know and we’ll add you to the list. 🙂

Bajnok Pancake Association

The Bajnok Pancake Association is the first MicroCoin acceptance site. The Bajnok Pancake Association provided the site for the first MicroCoin MeetUp. The Bajnok Pancake Association's restaurant we can eat very delicious and special pancakes, with a honor cash payment.

MicroByte IT

MicroByte Information Technologies provides the MicroCoin Web Hosting and the virtual servers and cloud services needed for services and development.


Kriptoworld is a high quality Hungarian cryptocurrency news site. They were the first who used the "Worth a MicroCoin"-button on their website and a MicroCoin based reward system on their forum.

Dynamic Labs

Dlabs Ltd. deals with blockchain development and blockchain based services. Their team consists of excellent professionals. MicroCoin is supported by conference appearances, advice and promotion.

WebLogin Studio

Weblogin studio develops unique websites and webshops at high quality, with affordable prices.

Pro Pre Yogurt

Pro Pre Yogurt accepts MicroCoin as a currency. They offer a unique, self-developed culture of yogurt that allows us to make healthy, special and delicious yoghurts at home.


Pethical.hu is the personal blog of the MicroCoin's developer. Blog posts appearing on the blog about MicroCoin.

Tamás Vegera's blog

www.vegeratamas.hu is a personal blog of a member and supporter of the MicroCoin community, where you can read interesting and useful content about technology, science, cryptocurrencies and startup companies.

Kreatív Forrás (Creative Source)

Creative Source is a site dedicated to art, culture and theater. Its editor-in-chief is Mónika Zágonyi, a renowned, award-winning writer, poet and linguist.

Aunt Kóconfitty Jofi kindergarten teacher's blog

Aunt Kóconfitty Jofi kindergarten teacher's blog is a high-quality blog about life inside and outside of kindergarten. It can be useful for any guardian aunt, a parent who conscientiously nurtures the little treasures entrusted to them.