Our story

MicroCoin is a non-profit, experimental, research project that began its career at the end of 2017. MicroCoin is the first Hungarian cryptocurrency what runs on its own blockchain. We are created it from the PascalCoin’s source code. The main purpose of its existence is to create blockchain research projects that are beneficial to the world while also being fun and educational for us. After the launch, a small community began to form around MicroCoin in the early days, and more and more people joined this initiative, and today, a smaller team is trying to make MicroCoin better every day. There are programmers, engineers and researchers in our community, but anyone can join, as this is an open initiative to gain knowledge.

First MicroCoin MeetUp – January 27, 2018

After the launch, we were able to introduce MicroCoin on several events. We also attended on Mensa events and held a workshop at the International Blockchain Conference. MicroCoin has been introduced by many online and offline media, including big names such as the Világgazdaság or HVG.

Thanks to our small team, many improvements have been made in recent months. We are in the test phase of our new wallet program, which provides convenient and easy operation, and is in the process of redesigning the blockchain, which will open up a number of new applications while increasing speed.

A pool has been created for miners and a MicroCoin webshop too for traders. API has been made for creating applications easily, and on various platforms like success in telecommunication, chat bots and the web, including the launch of a browser-based wallet and a “worth a MicroCoin” button that rewards content creators and bloggers.

We should not forget our smartphone application, which is still in its initial status, but in the future we would like to make further developing and make available features such as NFC-based payment, in-app purchases and support for IoT devices.

International Blockchain Conference – May 2018

Since the beginning, we have been exploring the potential of the blockchain every day and trying to expand our knowledge. All of our results and resources are publicly available and can be used for free by anyone.